The Most Important Part of a Trip

I know you shouldn’t have rules when you take a vacation, but let’s just say we have an understanding about one thing. We don’t eat at chain restaurants.  The exception to this is stopping at McDonald’s for a Diet Coke. Since this is technically “not eating”, we feel we have not violated said agreement. We … Read more

Antebellum Homes of Natchez, Mississippi

In the early 1930’s, a small garden club in Natchez decided to open their gardens for tours.  Unfortunately, an unexpected late freeze ruined those plans and the ladies had to quickly make other arrangements.  They chose, instead, to open their antebellum homes for tours.  It was such a success, the tours, also known as the Pilgrimage, became a yearly tradition. In the spring … Read more

Natchez, Mississippi

We arrived in Natchez on a beautiful, warm Sunday afternoon. Our home for the next couple of days was  Monmouth Plantation. This gorgeous home was built in 1818 by postmaster and businessman John Hankinson of Natchez.  There is an extensive history of the plantation and a very good summary on the Monmouth Plantation website. Our room was in the Pond … Read more

My Spring Break Getaway

Spring Break in the Ozarks is iffy.  Technically, the calendar says it is spring.  In reality, we still have a few weeks of cool weather.  And, although it was in the 70’s and 80’s the week before break, this week was predicted to be cold, rainy, snowing and sleety. So my good friend Kim and I decided to … Read more

March Madness

For some people, March Madness means lots and lots of basketball.  For me, March Madness refers to lots and lots of garden chores. And as the temperatures begin to warm,  my mind races with everything  I want  to get done this month. I’ve been working feverishly in the greenhouse starting perennials, annuals and most recently tomatoes and peppers.  The broccoli seedlings are growing nicely.. … Read more

I made a Cake

With the weather being cold, I love spending time in the kitchen trying recipes. I’ve been waiting for such weather to try this one particular cake. The cake is called White Godiva Martini Cake and the recipe can be found at The recipe itself was intimidating to me.  One whole page of ingredients and instructions.  Three different recipes … Read more