A Perf-Ticked Day

As I’m looking back on our vacation at the lake,  I’m realizing that R & R means something totally different to toddlers. Our 3-year-old granddaughter was one of our guests at the lake.  I’m pretty sure her idea of a vacation is to see how tired she could make Grandma. I can assure you it … Read more

Summertime Recipes

As we prepare for a week of R&R at the lake, I’m digging up some of my favorite go to recipes and wanted to share them with you. This year, the whole family (8 total) will go with us and since we only eat one big meal a day, my only stipulation is I’m not cooking every night.  Thank … Read more

I Found Someone That Likes Colorado Beetles

As I was going through my nightly ritual of stalking the ever-present Colorado Beetles on my potatoes, I noticed this bug feasting on one. I believe it’s a type of Assassin Beetle called a Wheel Bug.  There are several on my potatoes which may explain why I haven’t seen as many beetles lately. And although one name sounds … Read more

Garden Happenings

Despite the cooler weather, the garden is beginning to grow. The lettuce and broccoli are loving the cooler temps, but the tomatoes and peppers are wishing for more heat. I’ve been trying to use companion plants to keep bugs at bay and help with increased yields and flavors. Borage planted with tomatoes is said to … Read more

There are Good Guys..

and there are Bad Guys in the garden. These Guys have been spotted on the potatoes. They are potato beetles They are the Bad Guys.  They can devour a crop of potatoes very quickly if left unchecked. These have also been spotted in the garden. They are Lady Bugs. They are Good Guys.  They devour the Bad … Read more