I keep forgetting to show you pictures of my birthday party! As I’ve told you, for my 50th birthday , I wanted to do something memorable. When my sisters asked what I was going to do, I jokingly told them I wanted to do the zipline through the Buffalo National River forest. Jokingly, because I … Read more

Chicken Coop Update and Some Other Stuff

I just realized I haven’t done a chicken coop update in a while. There are some changes coming to the coop, but I wanted to show you how the roof is coming along. Let’s travel back in time to late winter when the coop was being built. I planted the roof in April And here it is … Read more

My Garden Helper This Weekend

I was so lucky to have some help in the garden this weekend.
Someone to help me check the sweet potatoes
sweet potatoes
and the new bed of squash and corn.
squash, zucchini july corn july corn
Someone to check the railroad tie that separates these beds.
hallie 7/13
Where else could we do our ‘matchsticks stemnasticks’ (Fantastic Gymnastics)

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Southern Comfort

In the garden, the okra is being a little slow about producing. This year, I have grown my favorite ‘Red Burgundy’ and an okra classic ‘Clemson Spineless’ There are many ways to eat okra.  My daughter in law loves it pickled.  Our Louisiana friends throw it in the gumbo pot.  I’ve recently seen it cooked on … Read more

Summer is Here.

The garden is in full swing and the flower beds are strutting their stuff. This trumpet vine is going crazy.   It has covered the fence and then some. This bee was caught taking a nap in one of the flowers until Allen woke him up. Way to go, Al. To keep this plant in check, I’ve … Read more

It's Garlic Diggin' Time (plus another garden pest)

Back in October, I decided to try my hand at planting garlic. I ordered my organic garlic from Renee’s Garden, prepared my bed and planted the cloves about 4-5 inches apart. Then I ignored them until last Sunday. Before we left on vacation, the tops were just beginning to turn brown.  We had an excessive … Read more