How to be a Butterfly Wrangler

Many years ago, I decided to get involved with the Monarch Watch Program based at the University of Kansas. This program is dedicated to Monarch research and encourages volunteers from all over the United States to become citizen scientists. Since I had already planted milkweed in my garden, the next step was registering my garden … Read more

The Plight of the Monarch Butterfly

Most people don’t think about where butterflies come from. Or where there end up for that matter. We enjoy their presence and beauty and then go about our day. The Monarch butterfly has a very interesting, albeit, short life. The migration pattern is considered one of nature’s greatest wonders. Monarchs are the only butterflies that will … Read more

Garden Blogger's Bloom Day–August 2013

Is the day garden bloggers from all over the world showcase their gardens. We have had a very unusual summer in NW Arkansas. 13 inches of rain in eight weeks and no scorching temperatures has all the flowers and veggies happy, happy, happy. Here are some of my favorite bloomers in the garden. The Naked Ladies (Lycoris squamigera) … Read more

Armadillo Update: A How-To Guide

I never thought I would be writing a post like this but, here’s how I got the armadillo out of the swimming pool. The phrase that kept coming to mind was, “I wouldn’t touch that with a 10 ft. pole.” But that’s exactly what you need. It also helps if it has a big net on the end. … Read more

What to do with All Those Cherry Tomatoes

I usually just plant 2 cherry tomato plants in my garden.  These 2 plants give me plenty of tomatoes to eat all summer long. My cherry tomato of choice is an heirloom variety called Mexican Midget. These plants can get up to 6 feet tall and usually produce tomatoes well into the fall.  They laugh in … Read more