Fun, Creepy and Somewhat Disgusting Halloween Recipes

For years, I have made creepy Halloween treats.  Here are a few of my favorites.  I never thought to photograph them, but I did find some pictures online.  Have fun with these! Witches Fingers 11 oz. tube refrigerated breadstick dough 1/4 c. butter, melted 2 Tbs. cinnamon sugar 1 large egg, slightly beaten almonds-sliced, natural … Read more

Small Town USA–The Final Chapter

After we left Leslie,  it was time for the guys to have some fun.  Both had been very patient as we shopped in these little towns (which, by the way, they were smart to take us on the motorcycle since saddlebags are not that big and were full of clothes.) In case you didn’t know, fun to boys on … Read more

Small Town USA–Part Two

The next day of our trip found us in Hardy, AR. Hardy sits next to the Spring River and was established as a result of booming railroad construction in the late 1880’s. Now with a population of less than 800, Hardy boasts many antique stores along with many talented artists that display metal work, pottery, … Read more

Small Town USA–Part One

Do you ever go through a small town and say, “we should stop here sometime.” That’s exactly what we did on our last motorcycle trip. Our trip started with breakfast at the only café in our very small town of Hindsville (population 75).  The café is in a 100 yr. old building and was a bustling … Read more

Planning for Spring

Gardeners never rest. In the winter, we are reading seed catalogs and planning and dreaming of our perfect garden for spring (dreams are fun) In the spring, we are busy fulfilling those visions (for the most part) In the summer, we are harvesting and enjoying the fruits of our labor (hopefully) In the fall, we start thinking … Read more