The Chicken Experience

Just wanted to update you on my Cornish cross meat chicken project.   They are just a little over 3 weeks old and are developing feathers on their wings and tail. When I picked up these chicks at the hardware store, I also had a weak moment and bought 3 brown speckled Sussex chicks.  The Sussex chicks … Read more

What in the World is a Chicken Tractor

Those were my Dad’s exact words when I told him how I was going to raise my meat chickens. When I showed him some pictures of different “models”, he said, “Well, I probably have all the stuff to make one.” “You’re hired!” And that’s how I roped him into helping me. First of all, we … Read more

One More Step To Growing My Own Food

For years, we have raised our own beef for food. Last year, I bought chickens to give me eggs. In a couple of weeks, my bees will arrive. Friday, my meat chickens arrived. I ordered my chicks from Nelson’s Hardware Store in Cave Springs, AR.  Tim, the owner, is a former high school classmate and … Read more

Beware the Urge to Plant

The days are getting longer and warmer. The grass is getting greener and the ground is warming up. And I’m ready to play in the dirt and plant my garden! While it’s ok to plant cold season crops like broccoli, lettuce, and spinach now, it’s still too cold to plant tomatoes and peppers in the … Read more

You Don't Have To Plant A Garden To Eat Home Grown Food

I can’t imagine a summer without a garden. Fresh tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, and lettuce just a few steps from my door.  And, even though every year it seems I am fighting either the weather or some bug or critter (usually all three),  it’s something I love to do. Many people get very enthusiastic about gardening in … Read more