Just Some Purty Flowers

So many things are blooming now, I just couldn’t stop at a couple of pictures. The Mirabilis jalapa or 4 o’clocks are a reseeding annual.  Some years I have more yellows and white, but this year I have more pink. They also like to cross breed and those are always a pretty combination. The Asclepias … Read more

Summertime Stroll

Last year, I went a little crazy and out of control with all the seeds I grew and (eventually) planted. This winter, as I was surrounded by seed and plant catalogs, I gave myself a talking to and vowed not to repeat this behavior again. Then, we bought the 70’s lake house and spent almost every … Read more

And Then There Were 4

The wait is over! Joshua was officially adopted and a member of our family. http://ourtaleof2dragons.blogspot.com/2014/06/joshua-day.html As part of the adoption process, they will have a guide and a couple of other adoptive families that they will hang out with until the end of the month.  Keep checking her blog for their new adventures. So excited … Read more

An Exciting Way to Become a Father

My brother-in-law will become a father again today. He became a first time father 3 1/2 years ago when they adopted their son from China. Today, he will become a father again as they adopt another son from China.  I can not even begin to tell you the story of their journey, but my sister … Read more

I Did a Dessie

My great grandmother’s name was Dessie. She traveled from Tennessee on a wagon train.  When she was very young, her mother died along the way and was buried somewhere in Oklahoma territory.  She never knew where. She met my great -grandfather in Oklahoma, married at the age of 15, and moved to Boxley Valley along the Buffalo … Read more

Back on Track

May has a way of slipping by me. But the garden is planted and growing quickly. The chickens will be leaving tomorrow (they are 9 weeks old already!) The bees are buzzing along.  I added another body a few weeks ago but I’ve not been able to check them due to the rainy weather. My … Read more