Onward and Westward

After leaving the trading post, we continued our journey west on Hwy 264 through Keams Canyon. A small pull out was all we needed to stop, stretch our legs and enjoy the gorgeous view. Once again, we turned our backs for a minute only to turn around and see this.  Seriously, Jimmy you don’t know what this … Read more

Day 3-On Our Way to the Grand Canyon

About an hour north on Highway 491 from Gallup, NM and west on Highway 264 is  the small town of Ganado, AZ. Ganado is the home of a very old, very historic trading post. The Hubbell Trading Post was established in 1878 by a man named John Lorenzo Hubbell and is the oldest continuously operated trading post … Read more

Day 2-Amarillo, TX to Gallup, NM

After we left the Cadillac Ranch, we jumped on I-40 and headed west.  Our next stop was Tucumcari, NM. Tucumcari has a long stretch of highway with many Route 66 motels and shops still present. Many of these establishments are still open and offer great prices as well as great reviews (per Trip Advisor) One … Read more

Are You Ready for A Road Trip?

Usually in the fall, Allen and I like to jump on the motorcycle and take a road trip.  We seem to gravitate toward the western states,  so when our friends said they wanted to go west for their first motorcycle road trip, we were more than willing. We decided years ago, that motorcycling across blustery Oklahoma was … Read more

Dear Journal

Dear Journal, It’s been a while since I’ve written.  I’m not sure why I’ve not written because things have happened.  I have been busy.  My life is busy.   I haven’t had a chance to put anything in words.  Allen and I are always talking about this and how our attempts to slow down never happen.  We don’t want … Read more